The Loser Jeff Stories

Things you didn't want to know about me and not much more.

My name is Jeff and I am a winning LOSER.

I have a boring job, little to no social life, and I rarely get laid.  All at the rightful age of 40. 

However, there are some highlights to my life that I like to share with the world in the form of online stories.  These things tend to happen when I'm drunk, stoned, or on some kind of mind altering substance and involve my job, friends, sometimes family, or just your average random stranger.

NOTE: All the events that happened within my stories are 100% true to the best of my knowledge.  Although certain dates, people, locations, and other trivial things have been changed to protect myself and other shitbags.

WARNING: My website and writing(s) is not for everyone!  I curse, I am graphic at times in my descriptions, and just generally write about all the dumb shit I do.  DO NOT attempt to repeat, redo, reenact, mimic, or otherwise recreate ANYTHING that I do in my stories!  You have been warned. 

SITE NEWS (that you don't care to read).


HOLY SHIT ON 12 GOLDEN STICKS! My website is still here???


 Holy shit!  I'm back, sort of but not really.


The trailer for my DVD movie is now on my YouTube channel.  Any new stories are on hold until further notice.


 New YouTube videos are up.  Story is still in the works, however pretty much everything except my YouTube channel is on hiatus from now until I actually have time for it. 


New YouTube videos posted.  I am still working on the latest and final story that will be uploaded to my site. 


New YouTube videos are up.  Stories are still in the works, but are on hold as of late due to my job. 


 New storie(s) in the works and new Random Shit! posted.  I actually have time to poop for a second!


Happy fucking new year.  No new stories planned, sue me I'm fucking busy.  You'll get a new story. 


Yes I am still writing and doing YouTube videos.  Don't get carried away thinking I'm dead or something. 


Like anyone ever reads this, but I've put 2 new YouTube videos up. 


New Random Shit! added.


New story coming (don't hold your breath).  I've also posted a new YouTube episode called "Proppur Gramer". 


I can't believe I did it but I did. 


I am now LIVE on YouTube!  Subscribe if you want.  This also means that I will be creating a twitter account (as bad as I hate to) so you can follow me like the loser I am.  Click the YouTube button above or go to  

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