The Loser Jeff Stories

Things you didn't want to know about me and not much more.

Some background info about Jeff

Jeff was born in Birmingham, AL in late 1979.  At the age of 7, he moved to Atlanta, GA where he graduated high school and spent most of his life.  Later, he decided to move to Chicago, IL for a little over a year only to move back to Birmingham in early 2006 where he now resides. 

Jeff spends most of his time with friends, working, writting, smoking pot, masturbating, surfing the web, and playing Xbox.  He has always had an interest in writting, not only non-fiction but fiction as well.  Jeff is also a jack of many trades, from being a computer geek/science nerd to mastering the art of sex.

To be continued!

How to contact Jeff (or send him hate mail)

Now why the fuck would you want to contact a loser like me?  I'm lamer than watching paint dry for crying out loud. Anyway, there are a few ways to contact me:  

One way is by phone, but then I'd have to give you my phone number.  That would be unacceptable, so no. 

Another way is via the United States Postal Service, but I'd have to give you my mailing address, so that's out too.  

My message board forums are probably your best bet (or not). 

The next way is by using the email adress below.  

Finally, you can always stalk me on Twitter, Myspace, or Facebook.

Send some mail to:

PacJeff at gmail dot com 

or in Laymen's terms:

pacJeff at

or in Lamer's terms: 

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