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An Odd Night

Posted on November 19, 2010 at 2:26 PM

Date Occured: 2007

Date Written: 2007

Date Revised: 2010


Editors Note:  This is another story from my Live Journal that I wrote a few years ago.  It has to do with, and touches base on my Charlie's Days, which that story is coming.  I warn you DO NOT do anything that I did in this story.




NOTE: I changed some shit around in the below entry to protect my privacy. I also left some unimportant shit out.


After work one night I decided to go unwind and have a few drinks at the local club/stripjoint/bar. This girl I've known for awhile and haven't seen for awhile that works there (as a waitress) was all happy to see me. As the night came to a close, I waited for her to get off. She had told me she had to go pick up her friend from a club downtown after she got off prievously. I asked her what she was doing after that. She told me nothing, so I came up with a plan to follow her downtown.


Since I was drunk for the most part and stoned, and she was stoned, we ended up driving around downtown for a fucking hour looking for this club because she didn't really know where it was so we had to stop and ask 47 people how to fucking get there. Finally we find the club and it was closing, so I came up with a great idea to go back to her place.


We get back to her place and chill in the living room. We watch some videos on VH1 and smoke a doobie. Some minutes later she ends up passing out in the chair next to mine. Being horny from the weed I start to get a hard on and eventually start to stroke myself. Carrie Underwood's video comes on and I start beating it like crazy as Carrie is hot. I then realize I had nothing to cum on so I get up and hurry into the bathroom. I grab some toilet paper then head back to my seat. As the Carrie video is about to end, I stroke it like mad and look over at my friend right as I'm at orgasm. She didn't wake up at all! Of course I wasn't loud about it either as I can "stealth" wank with ease.

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