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The 6 Different Kinds of Women

WARNING!  If you are a woman, then this will most likely offend you.  I'm not really too sorry in advance if it does.

Over the years, I have come to realize that there are only 6 types of women.  Which are:

The Nice Psycho - These girls are nice and maybe even hot, but there is some crazy fucked up shit going through their heads and you won't see this until it's too late.  Most of these chicks either give killer head or they want to fuck all the time or both.  However, keep in mind that they are in fact still a mental case and should not be dealt with...EVER.

The Mean Psycho - Complete opposite from the above and a real case of work.  These cunts seem to have shitty attitudes on top of being psycho.  I couldn't tell you the amounts of twacked out crap that goes through their minds.  So it's pretty much run for the hills if you encounter this one.

The Metamorphic Psycho - These dames go from nice to mean to completely oblivious to controlling mind fucks to 63 different variations of psycho and vica versa 12x over in the snap of finger.  No telling what you'll get when you meet up with one of these.  They may or may not even know what they are doing OR they may just be PMS'ing.  Either way, they're still nuts and should be avoided.
The No Hope For Them Whatsoever Even if the World Self Destructed Psycho - WHOA! Holy psycho shitballs!  Look out! The way these bitches work are beyond my capacity as a human being to comprehend. You litterally have to be God to understand these broads.  If you are a male with dignity in tact, then I suggest you either steer clear of these types or fuck them hard and then leave town.

The Normal Type - These girls are actually normal, which count for about 4% of the US female population.  No mental issues beyond a slight case of ADD, are very open minded, cool, easy going, and well, normal.  A real treasure to keep if you can get your hands on one.  Unfortunately these types are rare as they are either always married, have boyfriends, have girlfriends, or live 600 miles away.

The Super Normal and Super Hot Type - This type of female is even more rare than The Normal Type above, but has all the same qualities plus some.  They stay single for about as long as a New York minute, this is due to their extreme normalness and hotness combination.  If you're a female reading this and think you fit into this catagory, then guess again and read up there what a Metamorphic Psycho is.

The Loser Jeff Sex To Do List/Bucket List

Here is a list of things I'd like to do sexually before I buy the farm or get a serious full time girlfriend (which as already happened so this list is pretty much null and void for now).  Some have already been done which are in BOLD lettering, others need to be completed (if they ever can be).

-Fuck a virgin
-Fuck a mother and daughter (not at the same time)
-Fuck a MILF
-Fuck a girl with fake tits
-Fuck a stripper
-Fuck a black girl
-Fuck an asian girl
-Fuck a mexican girl
-Have a threesome
-Have a one night stand
-Fuck a hooker (while in Amsterdam)
-Fuck a girl smarter than me
-Fuck a girl dumber than me
-Fuck a skinny girl
-Fuck a heavy set girl
-Fuck on a boat
-Fuck while on shrooms and/or LSD
-Fuck a set of twins or triplets
-Fuck on a plane
-Fuck a coworker
-Have an orgy
-Fuck a girl in, or from another country
-Fuck a girl significantly older than me
-Fuck a girl signigicantly younger than me
-Fuck a Hooters girl

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