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Things you didn't want to know about me and not much more.

General Q&A (Unfrequently Asked Questions)

Why did you decide to make this website?

For 2 reasons. 1) I needed a place to merge all my stories into one area instead of having them split between my Live Journal and Myspace Blog. 2) I felt like it.

Are you a writter?

Yes, but not a professional one.  I don't have any degrees in anything nor do I have any books, articles, ads, etc. published....yet.

What inspired you to start writting?

I've always liked writting, as I wrote my first story at age 10 or 11 which ironically was a PG-13ish sex story (I don't know where it is, you perv).

What do you write about?

My stories mainly focus on what happens with me (or to me) at certain times or events.  However, I have written other things such as science fiction.

Is Jeff Stoney really your name?

Jeff is, Stoney is just a nickname.

Do you expect all this (your website, book, etc.) to get popular?

I don't expect it to, no.  I'm not in this for profit or any type of gain.  I'm really just doing it for shits and giggles, however if it does get popular I won't complain one bit.

Book Q&A

What will your book be about?

My book will be based on ALL my stories (even the ones that I haven't written yet), sort of a collaboration.

Why even write a book, why not just keep your stories online?

My stories will remain online, however there will be some stories in my book that will be exclusive to it and thus will not be online.

What will your book be called?

I will release the title of the book when it gets closer to being finalized. 

How much will your book cost?

Personally, I'd like to sell it for mere $5 per book, but I know that's a pipe dream.  As for now, I have no idea how much it will cost.

What is the offical launch date of your book?

I couldn't tell you.  I'm planning for a 2012 launch date, but that's if time allows.  Life happens, so my book could be delayed, eaten, or thrown to the year 2017.

Will you give me a free copy of your book?

It's possible that I may bless a few lucky souls with free copies of my book. However this depends on if you're either Cindy Crawford, a good friend of mine, a family member, or a super hot chick that wants to be my love slave 25/8/365.

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